10 Things To Know About Your 1st Visit.

1.We do our best to make your visit to Crosspoint a pleasant one. We know finding a new church can be a difficult thing to figure out, so please come just as you are.

2. Feel free to come casual or dressy. We have no dress code – whatever makes you comfortable is great with us. We aren’t hosting a fashion show!

3. Sit anywhere you like, there are no assigned seats – no tipping is allowed in order to secure back row seating.

4. A variety of refreshments will be waiting for you with a hot cup of coffee – so sample whatever you desire – you can come back for more without being growled at.

5. Beware of friendly people – someone WILL speak to you.

6. Your kids are safe and they will probably have fun. Our Children’s team is well trained and love children!

7. The messages are practical and relevant to everyday living. There is a possibility that you might hear something worth getting out of bed for!

8. We are not after your money! Guests are encouraged to enjoy the visit with NO obligation to give.

9. We promise not to bore you…so you’ll have to get your nap in somewhere else.

10. You will not find any perfect people at Crosspoint – only a perfect God.