Let’s be honest, most things are more fun when enjoyed with friends. Since the beginning of Cross Point, we have placed a high value on groups of friends doing life together.

The way that we accomplish that is not through sitting in rows on Sunday morning, but by circling up in homes, with friends and a good cup of coffee. Our desire is to see every person at Crosspoint connected in a Life Group.

In a Life Group you will experience the transforming power of God working in your life and the lives of your friends. Our desire is for you to take next steps. We feel that a huge next step for you is Life groups.

Connect with a Life Group

When Jesus set up the Church, he didn’t envision a place but a group of people. Life Groups are where we connect and grow as we take next steps to fully follow Jesus.  Life Groups is the opportunity to connect with other believers who are experiencing the same struggles and challenges of life and faith that you’re experiencing. Connecting to a Life Group gives you someone who will pray for you and encourage you in your life and faith. 

Take your next step and connect with a Life Group!


How often do Groups meet? 

Groups meet together during semesters.  There are two semesters each year, so you’ll have ample opportunity to find a Group that interests you.  Typically Groups meet for an hour and a half to two hours. 

Who will be in my Group?


We will do our best to help connect you with like-minded people to grow. We attempt to group people together who find themselves in similar seasons of life. Groups usually consist of a mixture of men and women.  


Where do they meet? 


Groups meet in a variety of places. We have some groups that meet at the Crosspoint campus through the week while other groups meet in homes. 


What happens at a Group?

In a group you will connect relationally with others as you take your best next step towards fully following Jesus. Most groups share refreshments or meals together. This is a time for laughter, and relationship building. Groups also pray for each other and engage in a discussion of the scriptures. 

What kind of Bible study happens during a Group?

How many times have you been given the opportunity to discuss a Sunday message?  At Life Groups we do just that – we have a discussion based on the previous Sunday’s message. It’s not a rehash of the message but rather looking at the message from different angles that involve life application.

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