Covid Update From Crosspoint Church

Dear Friends, 
One of the great accounts in the Bible is how the nation of Israel followed God after their exodus from Egypt. They were a nation in a dessert with no way to plant crops or sustain themselves. The heat in the dessert can be stifling while the nights can become quite cold. In addition, they had no GPS to find their way to the Promised Land. They found themselves completely dependent on God during that time. God did not disappoint – it turned out that God – despite their conditions – had everything under control. During the day – God formed a cloud over the nation of Israel and protected them from the heat. During the evening, God provided a pillar of fire that generated heat. For food, God sent manna every morning. When it came to their actual journey – they moved when God moved and they remained in place when God remained in place. Imagine how much simpler life was when – my primary decision in life is: when God moves – I move. Today, as believers we find ourselves following Jesus through a dessert called Covid-19. This dessert is unpredictable and at sometimes confusing. So our best decision is to learn on this journey to be flexible and discern when Jesus wants us to move forward and when he wants us to sit still.

We were just notified today, July 17, of a positive Covid-19 test. In this case, the person was without symptoms on Sunday and tested positive later in the week. We are not shocked at all by this – it was just a matter of time before Covid-19 paid us a visit. We shared with in the very beginning that “We are constantly monitoring updates from local and state health departments, and the CDC.” We are just as committed to the health of our people as we always have been. 

According to the CDC if a person has been exposed to a person showing no symptoms of Covid-19 for a period of more than 15 minutes without practicing social distancing as person should do the following: 

  • Self-monitor for symptoms
  • Check temperature twice a day
  • Watch for fever*, cough, or shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19
  • Avoid contact with people at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19
  • If you suspect you are developing symptoms you should seek advise from your personal physician.


We would advise everyone to self-monitor if you were present on July 12 – just for precaution’s sake. 

In addition, we are now taking the following steps to insure your health whenever you attend a service at Crosspoint:

This Sunday, July 19, we will conduct our services on our digital campus only! 

We will do this in order to give us the opportunity to sanitize and to give every opportunity possible for any threat of the virus to be present in our facilities. 

We will resume services on our Main Street campus on July 26. However, we will take the following precautions upon our return:

Masks will be required from your vehicle until you take your seat. If you plan to fellowship with others we ask that there be no hugs or handshakes. We ask that you wear a mask whenever you are unable to remain six feet apart. We ask that you wear your mask back to your vehicle. 

We hate to take these measures – but in light of the positive test and in the interest of everyone’s health – we believe these steps are prudent for the immediate future.    
We refuse to approach this situation with fear. Instead, we are remaining flexible through this maze we find ourselves in. The most important part of this journey is moving when God says move and stay in place when God says stay in place. Thank you for your love for our Crosspoint family and your Christlike attitude during this crazy journey through 2020!

Your Elders